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Outline of the EU Courses Program

Based on their "Consortium Agreement", the four member universities of the EU Institute in Japan - Tokyo Consortium - Hitotsubashi University, International Chritian University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and Tsuda College - offer an EU-related educational program of shared courses leading to a "Certificate in European Union Studies".

What is this certificate good for?
Considering the increasing political and economical role of the EU, knowledge of the EU is getting more and more important for students looking for a job in the fields of business and administration. The Certificate in European Union Studies provides an official credential to demonstrate that you have a level of knowledge about the institutions, policies, law and economy as well as cultural aspects of the European Union. Even if you don't intend to complete the whole programm necessary to earn the Certificate in European Union Studies, attendance of some courses will increase your knowledge of the EU. For details of the offered courses please refer to

What are the requirements?
In general terms, students of each EUIJ member university, who have finished their first year of study, can attend these courses. (However, September-entry students at ICU are eligible after 2 terms.) To complete the certificate, a student has to take at least 12 credits and has to fulfill his graduation requirements.

For details please download the Regulations and the Application Form.