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European Union in the US EProvides links to all 15 EU Centers in the US.
EU Center University of California, Berkeley

Miami European Union Center
EU Center, University System of Georgia
EU Center, University of Illinois
EU Center, University of Michigan
EU Center, University of Missouri - Columbia
EU Center of New York
Center for European Studies, University of North Carolina at Capel Hill
EU Center, University of Oklahoma
EU Center, University of Pittsburgh
Maxwell EU Center, Syracuse University
EU Center, Texas A & M University
EU Center, University of Washington at Seattle
EU Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
American Consortium on European Union Studies (ACES), Washington, DC
NEC - National Europe Centre
New Zealand
NCRE - National Centre of Research on Europe (New Zealand)EE
Institutes and Centres for European Studies in Canada
Centre for European Studies, Carleton Univerity, Ottawa
European Studies Program, University of Victoria

Institute for European Studies, University of British Columbia
Institute for European Studies / Institut d'études européennes, University of Montreal and McGill University

Institute of European Studies, York Univeristy and University of Toronto

EU Member State Embassies