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NL 12, July-September 2007

EUIJ Newsletter 12 (PDF)

Ambassador Hugh Richardson's Speech at Histotsubashi University / EU-Japan Friendship Week Panel Exhibition 'Japan Discovers Europe: Variety and Unity of Europe in the light of Iwakura Mission' / EUIJ Open Lecture (EU-Japan Friendship Week) Professor Eric Remacle by Kyoko Uchino / The 3rd EUIJ Students' Seminar by Ayano Onishi/ Book Launch Symposium: External Relations of the European Union by Professor Takako Ueta/ EUIJ-The University of Air Joint Symposium 'EU of the 21st Century' Light and Shadow of EU Enlargement'/ EUIJ Open Lecture (Co-organised by ICU, Social Science Research Institute) Professor Ivo Slosarcik by Yoko Koyama / Lecture at La Maison franco-japonaise 'Politique de defense commune de l'Union Europeene : enjeux et perspectives' Dr. Antonio Missiroli

NL 11, April-June 2007

EUIJ Newsletter 11 (PDF)

EUIJ International Conference, " Globalisation and the European Integration: Business and Social Dimensions in the History and Today" / Machikado Town College "Japan's Blueprint lies in the EU: Expectation for Aisan Integration Starting from EU Understandings" / EUIJ Open Lecture " The Ideas of a United Europe: past, present, future" Professor Mario Telo, by Ayano Onishi / EUIJ Internship Report by Akiko Sato / Events & Activities

NL 10, January-March 2007

EUIJ Newsletter 10 (PDF)

The Signing Ceremony of the Agreement on Academic Exchange between the European University Institute and the EUIJ-Tokyo Consortium / EUIJ International Symposium, " European Political and Cultural Identities in the Age of EU Enlargement" by Taku Shinohara/ EU Course "Special Topics on the EU" by Ayano Onishi/ The Second International Workshop of Joint Research "EU Economy" by Eiji Ogawa/ EUIJ Open Lecture "The Foreign POlicy of the EU" Professor Stephan Keukeleire, by Ayano Onishi / "European Youths meet Japanese students at ICU Misprint and Corrections " by Kyoko Uchino/ EUIJ Internship Report by Michiko Shimakage / Events & Activities

NL 09, October-December 2006

EUIJ Newsletter 9 (PDF)

EUIJ Open Lecture, former Ambassador Keck "The Future of EU-Japan Relations in the Light of Japanese 21st Century Visions and the EU Lisbon Strategy"/ 2nd EUIJ Students' Seminar Mr Noriyuki Wakisaka "Greater Europe - a Report from Brussels" by Sumiko Iwasaki / EUIJ Research by Prof Kitahara, "EU Integration and Science Technology Policy" / EUIJ Scholarship Report: Banking System Developement in Transition Countries, by Yuusuke Matsuzawa / Misprint and Corrections / Events & Activities

NL 08, 07-09/2006

EUIJ Newsletter 8 (PDF)

EUIJ-Tokyo offers a series of educational TV programmes on the EU, by Takako Ueta / What is a European Security Policy? The EUIJ Open Lectures by Professor Pascal Vennesson, by Jun Saito / EUIJ Workshop at Tsuda College. "Flexibility and Cohesion: Aspects in France, Germany and the U.K under the European Integration" / EUIJ Scholarship Report: Media development in the EU's policy on devolopment support in Africa, by Saki Mandokoro / EU-Japan Friendship Week 2006. "EU Documentation" and "Mercury History". Exhibition by Hitotsubashi University / Events & Activities

NL 07, 04-06/2006

EUIJ Newsletter 7 (PDF)

EUIJ Tsuda Open Lectures "The EU and Regionalism" / Conference Report from Macao, by Takako Ueta / The 1st EUIJ Students' Seminar, by Sumiko Iwasaki / EUIJ Research: Linkages of new EU Country currencies to the euro, by Eiji Ogawa / EUIJ Internship Report, by Ryoko Kusumi / Events & Activities

NL 06, 01-03/2006

EUIJ Newsletter 6 (PDF)

The Second EUIJ International Symposium / Symposium "ASEM's Role inEnhancint Asia-Europe Cooperation" / EUIJ Internship Report, by Yoshiko Fujii / EUIJ Research: Turn in historical narrative under present European integration, by Taku Shinohara / Events & Activities

NL 05, 10-12/2005

EUIJ Newsletter 5 (PDF)

EU Course "Special Topics on the EU" by Dr. Fraser Cameron, by Mana Yamawaki / EU Business Seminar / The First International Workshop of Joint Research Study Group "EU Economy" / EUIJ Research: My research on EU Environmental Law, by Yumiko Nakanishi / News & Announcements / Events & Activities

NL 04, 07-09/2005

EUIJ Newsletter 4 (PDF)

The Way to a Unified Europe. The Formation of the Concept of Europe, Open Lecture by Prof.~Susumu Yamauchi / 2005 EUIJ Open Public Lectures at Tsuda College / The Main Features of the Community Legal Order, Lecture by Nicholas Scandamis / EUIJ Research: European Security Organizations Viewed from Japan, by Takako Ueta / Books by EUIJ researchers / Events & Activities

NL 03, 04-06/2005

EUIJ Newsletter 3 (PDF)

Start of the EUIJ EU Courses Program / International Workshop on Business Cycles in Japan and the EU / Books by EUIJ researchers / TUFS Open Lecture / EUIJ Research: The EU from the Nordic Perspectives, by Miho Oshima / Minister of State, Mr. Noel Treacy, T.D. (Ireland) visits the EUIJ / News & Announcements / Events & Activities

NL 02, 01/2005

EUIJ Newsletter 2 (PDF)

Japan-EU Exchange / The First EUIJ International Conference: The New Frontier of the European Union / 1st EU-Japan Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility / EUIJ Internship Report: Working for the European Parliament as a trainee, by Sumiko Iwasaki / EUIJ Research: EU-US security cooperation toward a Trusted Security Community, by Hirotaka Watanabe / News & Announcements / Events & Activities

NL 01, 11/2004

EUIJ Newsletter 1 (PDF)

Message from the Head of the Delegation of the European Commission / Inauguration Ceremony of the EUIJ / What's Our Purpose? / Higher Education and Europe of Knowledge, by Fumi Kitagawa / Hitotsubashi University EDC / Events & Activities