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EUIJ International Symposium at TUFS European Political and Cultural Identities in the Age of EU Enlargement"

・・6-17 September 2006・・

Prof Ali Carkoglu
'Turkey and the EU'
Dr Lukasz Kaminski,
'The Polish Historiography on Contemporary History after 1989'
Prof Michal Kopecek
'Between Nation, Democray and Europe'
Assoc. Prof Ayhan Kaya
'The Impact of the Europeanization Process on the Perception of Minorities in Turkey'
Prof. Zig Layton-Henry
'The Impact of Enlargement on European Citizenship.pdf'
Dr Mizuho Nakada-Amiya
'Civil Society Organizations in East-Central Europe'
Prof Takashi Miyajima
Problems of European Citizenship
Prof Dietrich Thraendhard
'Citizenship as a Felixble Asset in the Times of Globalization'
Prof Volodymyr Kravchenko
'Post-Soviet Historiography in post-Communist Society'

EUIJ International Workshop "EU Enlargement and its Economic Impacts on Transitional Countries"

(11 December 2006)

Timothy Frye,
'Reputation and the Rule of Law in Russia'
Gabor Hunya,
'EU Membership - Support and Challenge to the Competitiveness of the Polish and Romania Economies'
Gabriela Dragon,
'Romania's acccession to EU: Challenges and Opportunities'
Ewa Balcerowicz,
'The Impact of Poland's EU Accession on its Economy'

Workshop: EU-Japan: Corporate Social Responsibility & Changing Wage Systems - The Role of Trade Unions

(26 & 27 November 2004)

This workshop, which was co-sponsored by the EUIJ, was organised by Prof. Dr. Gyテカrgy Szテゥll and Prof. Dr. Tsuyoshi Tsuru (both Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi Univerisity).
Program, Registration Form, and the List of Participants
Prof. Szテゥll's welcome speach

Papers of the lectures of:
Thomas Blanke (ppt presentation)
Margarete Dabrowski
Philippe Debroux
Roger Dost
Eskil Ekstedt
Friedrich Fテシrstenberg
Bテゥla Galgoczi (ppt presentation)
Francesco Garibaldo
Renテゥ Haak
Stefan Hochstadt (abstract)
Meik Holland (abstract)
Jean-Marc Le Duc
Fred Manske
Mitsuharu Miyamoto
Hiroatsu Nohara/Haruhiko Hori (abstract)
Eberhard Schmidt
Fujikazu Suzuki
Gyテカrgy Szテゥll (keynote)
Hiroyasu Uemura (ppt presentation)
Jacques Vilrokx
Werner Weltgen
Shuji Yamada (ppt presentation)

The First EUIJ International Conference: The New Frontier of the European Union (PDF, 20MB)

Report of the Conference at ICU in Tokyo (January 10, 2005), Edited by Takako Ueta
Printed in Japan February 2005 (255 pages)
(A copy of the printed version can be ordered here)

Symposium: In Pursuit of Advanced Legal Education Based on the Development of Legal Communication Skills

9 March 2006
Coorganized by the Japan-Europe Legal Communication Training and Development Programme (JE Programme) and the EU Institute in Japan - Tokyo Consortium

Joint Research Papers

The EU Economy

Linkages of New EU Country Currencies to the Euro
Professor Eiji Ogawa (Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University)
24th November 2004
Ms. Chikako Ohashi and Mr. Shinsuke Oyama (both Bank of Japan)
26th January 2005
The Introduction of the Euro as a Supply Shock
Dr. Vladimir Bezdek (Senior Research Fellow, The National Bank of the Czech Republic)
10 March 2005