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Research Programmes

1. "EU Law and Politics"

This study is a study focusing on researchers among Consortium universities. Because of the nature of this study, we may not decide integrated theme strictly. Thus, we intend to show some kind of integrity by having a theme of comprehensive concept with a certain direction and maintaining the freedom as to what kind of subjects the researchers will be engaged in....
EU Law and Politics

2. "The EU Economy"

Subject of this project is thinking about the EU economy, especially regarding the economic and monetary union, from various viewpoints. To implement a project, we plan to have joint research meetings regularly (once in two months) and to organise an international workshop every year....
The EU Economy

3. "EU External Relations"

4. "EU and Culture"

Regular Meetings
1st Meeting of the EUIJ Joint Research Study Group on "EU and Culture"
Date: 24 February 2005, 15:00 ...

5. "The EU and Regions"

Plan of Publication EU and "Region"
In order to think of the meaning of the EU in multi-levels, we consider how each country, each region, and each minority (both ethnic and national one), along the changes of international political structure, reacts to and disputes about the EU....
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